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Celebrity Annual Golf Tournaments Benefiting Charitable Causes

First let me say Welcome to those interested in raising money for the many worthy causes. "Dallas Web News and Reviews" coupled with "Senior Golfer.us" is pleased to offer our help in making these tournaments the best that they can be, and raise money while having fun. Over 30 years of experience in dealing in all areas of what makes a tournament work.

Dealing with retired Seniors willing to share their time for the right causes takes away conflicts of interest that may otherwise hamper a tournament.

We don't want to labor on what all can go wrong, but focus on what works. So regardless of where you are in your event planning we can help in an oversight capacity at no cost to the benefit raising money.

Presently I am working to get the message out about Seniors willing to volunteer time in helping tournaments, But as a retired Senior myself I need to stop at this point and head for the golf course. I will be doing updates later as time permits.

You probaly, by now, get the idea of what I am offering and you don't have to wait for me to complete this web page. send us some information about your golfing event, and contact information someone will be a in contact with you soon.
For more information - click here

The are many worthy causes, lets' not for get our Veterans

Golf is the true "Fountain of Youth", Let's get the most out of it, and help improve the game of golf for our future generations.

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